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Letting go of lifelines in order to move forward feels

I've never been bungee jumping, but I just realized I use it a lot when describing feelings of extreme excitement and release of control.

I can only imagine the feeling of standing on the ledge...looking around at my surroundings while cementing my confidence in the one who strapped me in this harness...having confidence in myself that to accept what's coming my way...then leaning into it with my eyes wide open...AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! :)

The website for my last business expires this month...and I just deleted my business Facebook page.

The word scary keeps popping up in my head, but I keep reminding myself that as long as I coat that scary with a lot of's not scary at all :) it's just exhilaration!

I "leaned into it" six months ago, and I'm in the beginning of a swan dive into the most beautiful part of heart.

I've spent most of my life striving to be a better person...deciphering my feelings and emotions so I could better control them instead of them controlling me. I've studied my heart for decades, but for many reasons I never fully submerged myself in it. I've kept it guarded. I'm sure many of you can relate.

People keep asking me about Jewell Health & Wellness...Why would I ever give up the career I had for this...

I tell them that the last 18 years have just been a warm up for what I'm doing now :)

This is my heart's time...LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!

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