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Jewell Health & Wellness

We are an online health and wellness coaching community that believes in using a whole person approach to help our members make and achieve lifestyle changes and goals.

Healthy Woman
Healthy Woman

Our Mission

To offer the health/wellness education, tools, resources and support in a safe environment that is beneficial with helping our members feel happier, healthier, and less stressed while managing life's curveballs, tackling new goals or implementing lasting lifestyle changes. 

Who We Work With

We partner with people from all walks of life who are struggling with issues that impact their quality of life such as chronic medical conditions, unhealthy lifestyle habits, obesity, relationship issues, grief, job dissatisfaction or simply those feeling lost without a clear purpose or direction in life.


We partner with people who have a desire to break free from their learned behaviors/perceptions and change their reality. We partner with people who are ready and willing to take the steps needed to live a balanced life.  

Healthy Woman
Hands Touching
Hands Touching

How We Are Different

We decided to build on our personal life experiences, years of education and professional experience in biology, social work, nursing and life coaching to become national board certified health and wellness coaches.

Why Choose Us

We believe you deserve to feel safe, supported, empowered and confident in entrusting someone to accompany you and guide your journey. Our coaches strive for this, because we were taught by and hold ourselves accountable to the standards set forth by trusted and respected credentialing agencies.

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